ska voovie boobie baby

which is probably right now the greatest single ever made, Inspector bringing the Mexican Ska Insanity like no one else, incredibly sexist silly video, Big Javi singing sweetly and growling out some toastmaster jive, oh man

Julianne: you own this narrow world.

Although I'm happy for Brazil in re: Copa America campeonidad, I was so psyched for Argentina's goal, and so shocked when Adriano equalized in stoppage time (although he's been their ace all through the tournament, so maybe not shocked so much, but Argentina was bringing mad heat the whole game so it was actually kinda surprising that Brazil got a shot at all). Then to lose it because Julio Cesar is a wizzard in goal and when Heintze beckhammed the pelota up into space--oh, hell, I know you don't care. Fun game to watch though; Sammy and I got to check the whole second half because the girls went to Target.

Caleb was always the guy we could count on to have read the books we were supposed to have read.

Kind of about that: Liza and I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 this weekend. I just want to publicly scold all liberals who feel the need to distance themselves from what are, supposedly, Michael Moore's "tactics." Have you people never seen Year of the Pig? Weekend? The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie? Okay, so Moore is neither Godard nor fit to carry Bunuel's piss in a bucket, but still, y'all, seriously: stop treating him like he's some kind of Fox Pundit In A Liberal's Suit. He's a filmmaker. He's allowed to manipulate his audience, to present one side of things, to influence people to his way of thinking. The only thing that tsk-tsking him accomplishes is to once again place ourselves in that famous lefty "we enjoy being in the one-down position" position. It's the Hour of the Wolfowitz, anything that is savage and bold and angry needs to happen now. Do I wish Moore was more fair-handed and even-keel and blanded-out and self-effacing? I do the hell NOT; that's what the rest of us are busy doing, in a stupid move for acceptance by those who we secretly feel we're better than: the undecided middle. Well, I sincerely think that those people want Democrats to fight just as hard for their hearts and minds and guts as the Republicans do. And I sincerely think that we have more to offer undecided folks than the other side does. (Plus nobody else is talking about the racial implications of all this the way Moore does, and there ARE implications, and by ignoring that like it's all over we're being morans.) So yeah: great movie (with good cameo by Madison's own only-out-lesbian-in-Congress Tammy Baldwin, soon coming to your TV as a DNC speaker), no worries on my end about someone actually taking a stand, be proud of what you believe no matter what side you're on. I'd love it if I knew that there were any dyed-in-the-blood-of-the-lamb conservatives out there reading this (hi mom!), but I fear that there really aren't any.

Except this is the wrong way to do that.

Man, against all odds, this newest Los Amigos Invisibles album is pretty danged good.

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