good old raisins and peanuts

things of interest at the Madison Mallards game last Friday night:

1. The $3 veggieburgers
2. The organist (provided, as were my tickets, by Music-critic.com) busting out with not only the opening riff to "Blister in the Sun"--to which people were supposed to do the double double-clap but most didn't except me and my kids--but also a Miles Davis tune which I'll put here when I figure out what it was
3. The smart-ass announcer busting on dudes from the other team who walked back to their dugout after striking out: "Left, right, left, right, siddown!"
4. The $1.50 bags of peanuts, better value than the $2.00 bags of popcorn
5. Sammy getting bored in the 1st inning
6. The triple-mascot effect, esp. when Millie Mallard came and sat behind me and made fun of me
7. The smell of a real live baseball game still having as strong an effect on me as it ever did
8. The free Quench gum being given away
9. The anger of the crowd when the designated hitter from the Waterloo (IA) team failed to strike out, thereby denying them half-price beer for the rest of the inning
10. Emma getting all excited when a song she knew was played for pre-AB music
11. The rarity of #10 happening, most of it was boomer classic-radio greatest hits stuff
12. The "name this tune for free stuff" song was "Time" by Pink Floyd, a lot of crowd people knew the band but not the song, the m.c. was all like 'I can't believe you people don't know this' but does anyone really know the name of that song off the top of his/her head?
13. The serenity of the exhausted drive home

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