una paloma blanca, i'm just a bird in the sky

okay, no pictures today, just the figures of the present dance:

1. My brother had a bunch of my CDs for a couple of months, two bags' worth actually, and I got them back last weekend. I highly recommend this system. You get to re-discover things you already knew and loved all over again. My happy dance to Funkadelic's The Electric Spanking of War Babies has yet to be touched for sheer musicnerd terpsichoreography.

2. I think we're going to get Gustavo as a blogger, eventually, but he emailed me this morning and told me to put him back on the link list. Gus, you're back. Everyone send thoughts about love and strength and support to un hombre brilliante.

3. Gus and I both in full agreement that Bersuit Vergarabat's La Argentinidad Al Palo (Se Es Lo Que Se Es) is by far the album of the year, maybe of the decade, maybe one of the most important albums ever made. Okay, that last statement is mine. Anyway, if you want to see a completely filthy hilarious amazing sick deep shallow video of "La Argentinidad Al Palo," check out Bersuit's website. Warning: this is not explicit, per se, because stuff is pixillated out, but it's really all that work-safe, if you know what I mean and I think you do. I mean, they visit La Templa de la Cula Perfeta, and that's the tame part. So tenga cuidado, por favor, and watchete for the boss.

4. See what I mean?

5. The Blazers, sad to say, didn't really improve themselves any with their much-vaunted (by me) three first-round picks. I'm still kind of hoping that we picked Seb Telfair to deal him to the Knicks, where he really should be playing...he's gonna hate the PDX and its slowness and whiteness. Plus, don't you think we should really have only TWO 5'10" point guards? And the two Russians already play for the same team in Europe, which would be cool if they came into the game together as subs, kinda like the Hansen Brothers...but at least one of them might have contract troubles, so whatever. Maybe we'll move Shareef to the Sonics for Ray Allen, that's one thing I've heard, he deserves the shot and we'll just waste him like we did the whole second half of last year.

6. Reviews in PopMatters: Joni Harms last week, a badly-written and typo-filled Juvenile today. Ha.

7. Does it seem like I have nothing else to talk about other than music and basketball?


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