chocolate cake, chocolate icing

I am 38 years old today. Yesterday was Father's Day. My daughter surprised me with a cake party last night, which rules; my son made me a present of a drawing (in pen on white paper) which features the classic legend "Let's chek out the cristol ball" and then, inside the cristol ball itself, "the tral blasrs will move to Brisil". Thereby uniting the two things he knows I'm obsessed with. Thereby making me really really happy.

I wish I had a lot more to report, though. Um, you should go see this new blog called Rasheed's Beard, which I am responsible for helping to start because Rob Geary couldn't figure out how else to get a Gmail account. It's starting out nicely, and I'm not just saying that because he's the only Yalie I like. (I'm saying it because our romantic comedy for Aisha Tyler and Method Man--and Morgan Freeman and Sean Astin and Tia Texada--is coming along nicely via AIM. We've almost started it.)

I'd tell you more but it's my birthday so I don't have to. Peace out and catch ya on the flip-flop.

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