oat bran, blueberries, banana, fingernails

if 2004
was over right now my list
would look much like this:

1. Bersuit Vergabarat, La Argentinidad Al Palo (vol. 1, I'm ordering vol. 2 from Amazon today)

where the Aires swims
with much sex anger laughing
that's where my heart lies

2. Allison Moorer, The Duel

wallow in your pride
that's the only place to be
ask others to dance

3. Pepito, Everything Changes

vampires and hickeys
no one tells the truth except
ana y jose

4. Gomez, Split the Difference

we're going way back
and way forward together
chopping up the world

5. Tanya Stephens, Gangsta Blues

her heart open wide
just like her ears and her legs
rude gal looks for love

6. Cee-Lo, Cee-Lo Green...Is the Soul Machine

closet freak no more
dude now walks all kinds of paths
leaving MUCH chaos

7. Twista, Kamikaze

bloody tears in eyes
quick-tung masta blows it up
we perish dancing

8. Gretchen Wilson, Here for the Party

waving at cowboys
who drown drunken in her wake
man her brains are HUGE

9. Dani Siciliano, Likes...

electric flirting
geekiness and lust and life
robots love life too

10. State of Bengal vs. Paban Das Baul, Tana Tani

rewrite all the rules
play them backwards, upside down
then make them all BUMP

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