wheaties with frozen blueberries and rice milk

A. I'm not claiming any inside knowledge here about what will end up as Miccio's #1 album of all time, but he dropped a big fat hint, so I already know what it's gonna be. Suffice it to say that an answering machine is involved.

B. It occurrs to me that I haven't yet talked about the greatness that Hua Hsu's blog is turning into. Dude's got the life: opening for Quannum, then heading to Fenway.

C. The best blog running right now belongs to my good internet buddy and occasional Popmatters cohort Priya Lal. NOT ONLY is she a talented writer with a unique perspective, and NOT ONLY does she write travel better than anyone since Laurence Sterne, BUT ALSO she likes the same Indian techno music as me, which makes her the #1 CHIEF ROCKA.

D. Word to the wise: Never do a contest to have people be your new best friend unless you love having no one enter it. Like Busta says, "There's only five days left!"

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