sunflower seeds for breakfast because the brewers are 3-1, brady clark hit two homers yesterday, junior spivey went yard, oh my gawd I love baseball again

Another review of which I'm proud. Why On!Air!Library! gets the top Friday spot over this, I don't know. Serves me right for getting Usher on top on Tuesday.

This is pretty amusing, too. Yes, Chuck asked me for permission before starting this thread. No, he didn't really need to start it.

Slate is messing up Condoleezza Rice. Like, pretty badly. I still think Scott Seward wins, though, with the Family Circus "not me" analysis.

Next week, I have a meeting that might determine my short- and long-term future in life. Wish me luck. I also start therapy again. Less luck is needed for that. Maybe they'll pump me full of antidepressants! Woo-hoo!

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