no coffee yet, hungover from champagne at last night's seder, home with the kids all day

Kind of proud of how this one turned out.

This one too.

Oh, and this one, but mostly for the title, at least the first half, because Chuck must have written that second half.

Sorry about the own-horn-blowing aspect, but I'm in need of some ego-proppage. Dark days at Chez Haibun, lots going on, some of it not very summery.

But I love this time of year, Daylight Savings Day especially -- now that it's all dark in the mornings, I load up my Discman and go for walks which should really be runs in the morning, just me and 15 rabbits and whatever flava is in my ear. Of course I haven't gone yet, just thinking about it. Thinking about it more every time I see myself in a mirror, with my 15 pounds I don't need and my hangdog expression etc.

But, in good news, my great friend Lauri has had her baby -- no more waiting around for "the perfect guy" to come along, we got Science! -- and my kids are awesome and I get to stay home with them today, which fortune I will hopefully not ruin by obsessively checking baseball scores now that the season has begun (is it just me or is it wrong when Mark Loretta and Scott Podsednik are putting up monster stats next to Albert Pujols and Sammy Sosa? I know, I know, it's just one day, but still), and the world keeps spinning round, and I'm much better off than 99% of the people in the world....

Man I'm glad I'm re-starting therapy next week. And I'm glad of the new Dani Siciliano, and most of the new DJ Kane, and of the three or four people who read this stuff. Which means you.

P.S. You KNOW you're big pimpin' when you can take some time off your blog and people, like, volunteer to keep it up for you.

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