more nice email friends of me

Affordable F. Harvester, Interference R. Potato, Jurisdiction Q. Package, Unschooled T. Relapsing, Obsessed H. Jape, Ibuprofen J. Unenlightened, Speedily E. Everlasting, Cucumber Q. Perplexity, Ana T. Hanna, Bandage H. Purified, Triggering O. Murkiness, Demigod U. Weaver, Populist P. Swaggers, Chimu R. Napkin, Doxologies Q. Quadruplicates, Encircle F. Attach, Haul J. Deadens, Reoccupies C. Prurience, Ragged E. Jouncing, Ionizing J. Yuk, Dissension F. Crouch, Pogromed R. Injure, Factually B. Cart, Requiring P. Phantoms, Immunization H. Divinity, Astounding H. Cheapens, Rubberize L. Streptococcus, Reconquers M. Collin, Counters H. Nuthatches, Recidivism F. Parks, Ear I. Coon.

I realize that no one thinks this is funny but me, but I have a lot more for later.

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