eff a headline, here are the thoughts I must needs express

1. Tickets to see Gomez tonight but no one to go with me. It's not that no one wants to see Gomez, it's just that I am a loser with no friends.

2. On the other hand, at least I'm still getting published by someone.

3. I really want to see this movie, mostly because the newest Trail Blazer, Darius Miles, plays "the really good basketball player" in it. Plus it's got the guy from "Not Another Teen Movie," a fine parody film with Molly Ringwald swearing and Mia Kirshner finally finding someone who'll take a dump on her chest. But they're not in it, just the eyebrow guy, who's like thirty-five.

4. I just remembered not to be proud of my writing when Dave Queen is kicking everyone's ass right now.

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