briefism I

1. additions to the list below: John Wubbenhorst & Facing East, Facing Beloved, The R.E.G. Project, II, Control Machete, uno,dos:bandera. This will grow and grow.

2. check Sasha Frere-Jones about the new Jay-Z record in Slate. Good ol' Sasha.

3. The Portland Trailblazers are kinda breakin' my heart, but they'll improve when they trade Rasheed and Bonzi. This will also help my fantasy team, because 'Sheed's stats will go up and so will Zach Randolph's, and I have them both. Plus Stoudamire too, whom I didn't wanna add, but apparently Charlie Ward's been benched and I hate that guy anyway. I'm still #1, but mostly because my guys' teams have played more.

4. I am in emotional agony virtually all the time. It's not fun anymore though.

5. just got back from Chicago. I miss Chicago. I'm glad I don't live there anymore though. but I still miss it.

6. this will go down in history as my least interesting entry ever, even in the face of stiff competition.

7. ahem.

8. one of the tracks on the John Wubbenhorst and Facing East record is called, and I quote, "Infectuoso Groovatissimo." And it still rocks.

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