some phrases I will probably not use in my NaNoWriMo project, vol. 1
"so clean you can see your own bloodshot uvula in it"
"the color of the absence of the moon"
"I know the guy who runs the darkness"
"the cottoncandy comfort of a bed"
"all of a sudden I'm in St. Paul"*
"his Old Testament beard and his green pants like an underachieving Moses"
"my suspiciously blue eyes"
"the soap scum of old lovers"
"catheter catharsis"
"huge pockets full of mirth"
"slippery knees in May"
"busted at the laundromat"
"ancient vogue"
"anchor of cheese"
"the facade of fourteen"
"she tossed beautiful cookies"
"thwarted spout of a submerged whale"
"socks pulled up to Duluth"
"Black Bolt at the open mike"

*here is the chorus of a failed blues song I wrote once:
"I thought I was in Minneapolis
But it turns out it's St. Paul
I was walking in Minneapolis
All of a sudden I'm in St. Paul
How in the hell did I come to this
Where was the sign that I musta missed
I'm no longer in Minneapolis
But I don't mind St. Paul"

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