It is my daughter's eighth birthday today. Here are the CDs piled on her desk:

Martin Gordon, The Baboon in the Basement
The Zombies, The Singles Collection
Janet Jackson, Design of a Decade
Mozart, some old damn symphony
XTC, Skylarking
k.d. lang, Absolute Torch and Twang

She also loves Michelle Branch, Rose Falcon, Elvis Presley, P.Funk (except she feels bad for Sir Nose'D, "just leave him alone, if he doesn't want to dance that's OKAY"), the first Karsh Kale record, that "Pour Me" song by Jo Dee Messina, and Brazilian techno. She is kind and wonderful and the smartest girl in the world and I cannot even remember what my life was like eight-years-and-a-day ago.

I think I slept more, but not by much.

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